(modern form of pu'o), to cover up something or oneself, to put on; ka-pu'a te ha'u, put on your hat; ka-pu'a-mai te nua, cover me up with a blanket.
to respond to the song of the first group of singers; to sing the antistrophe; he-pu'a te tai.
to help; ka-pu'a toou rima ki a Timo ite aga, help Timothy with the work.
pu'a-hare, to help a relative in war or in any need; ka-oho, ka-pu'a-hare korua, ko ga kope, go, give you relative a hand, lads.
to speak out in someone's favour; e pu'a-mai toou re'o kia au, speak in my favour, intercede for me.

Rapanui-English dictionary. 2008.

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